I haven't seen the preseason polls yet (I doubt any reputable ones are out) but I imagine Ohio State should/will be No. 1 when they eventually drop. With a roster featuring Ezekiel Elliott in the backfield, and a potential All-American caliber quarterback riding the bench, it's hard to believe that anybody on the Buckeyes' schedule frightens them even the tiniest bit. The only thing that does scare them apparently (besides the same things that scare us all) is a guy dressed as a mannequin jumping out at them as they walk through the team practice facility. The above video from Brutus Buckeye shows us as much, and simultaneously features the key to instilling pants-shitting terror into the reigning National Champs.

For every college coach out there, you now have the blueprint for intimidating the (likely) top team coming into the 2015 season. Now figuring out how to translate that prank into a gameplan is another challenge altogether.

[via Brutus Buckeye]

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