We don't like to kick Knicks fans while they're down (no, really, guys!), but it's getting increasingly difficult not to at this point. Their team just drafted a guy that none of them actually wanted. Their star player is getting criticized by everyone from Instagram users to female tennis players. Their team president Phil Jackson hasn't been able to make any splashy signings today. And according to legendary Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski, Jackson's heralded triangle offense isn't going to work in New York City unless the Knicks are able to land a player like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant (which could be a problem!).

The New York Times ran a super long feature story on the triangle recently. It's worth a read if you're still confused as to why the triangle has worked so well over the years. But in the story, Coach K was asked why he never tried to implement the triangle, and he said that it's because the triangle isn't necessarily all it's cracked up to be.

"The triangle didn't win crap!" he told the NYT. "Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant! Whatever offense I run, that offense didn't do it. Winning means you had the caliber of players capable of winning a championship."

Coach K then went on to say that he has "nothing against the triangle." But he also said that while it's a solid offense, "it's a lot better if Jordan loves it or Kobe loves it."

Oh, and as if that wasn't depressing enough for all the Knicks fans out there, he also stated the obvious. "The triangle's not working in New York, by the way," he said.

Welp. Apparently, Coach K is not above kicking Knicks fans while they're down. Sorry, guys.

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