It's been almost two years since Matt Barnes and Serge Ibaka almost got into a fight during a Clippers/Thunder game, but it doesn't sound like Barnes has gotten over it. A short time ago, he appeared on ESPN's SportsNation and revealed that he would be willing to fight Ibaka right now if given the chance.

"I just don't like him," he explained, before going on to explain why he's not a big fan of the OKC big man.

It didn't take Ibaka long to respond, either. After hearing about what Barnes said, he took to Twitter and sent a tweet to Dana White and the UFC asking if they're interested in setting up a fight between the two NBA players:

Obviously, he was kidding. But truth be told, we'd rather see Barnes and Ibaka fight than Floyd Mayweather and Andre Berto. Just saying!

Those Grizzlies/Thunder games are going to be epic next season. You can watch Barnes' SportsNation appearance here.

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[via @SportsNation]