Earlier this week, Floyd Mayweather took to Instagram to let off a couple shots at Manny Pacquiao. He posted a clip of him pretending a punching dummy was Pacquiao and ended it by slapping the dummy across the face. It was the latest in a long line of shots Mayweather has taken at Pacquiao over the last few years.

It really seemed to resonate with Pacquiao, too, because he actually went out of his way to respond to Mayweather—and he responded with a vengeance. He had his PR manager Aqui Zonio release a statement and, in it, he didn't pull any punches and even went as far as to bring up Mayweather's domestic violence issues.

"We should understand Floyd Mayweather Jr. because of his family background," Pacquiao said in the statement. "He hailed from a family of ex-convicts and he himself is an ex-convict. We could not blame him because his action just showed the kind of family upbringing he had. [The Instagram video] only reminds me of what he did to his ex-wife [Ed. note: Mayweather has never been married, but Pacquiao is likely referring to either Josie Harris or Shantel Jackson here.]. I hope he would find time to reflect on his life and repent for the sins he committed in the past. A real champion is gracious in both his words and conduct. Someone who is a champion not just in his chosen field of endeavor, but even in his own home and private life."

This isn't the first time Pacquiao has spoken to Mayweather in this kind of polite, yet condescending, tone. He once said that he would "pray for" Mayweather after Shantel Jackson filed a lawsuit against him. But what a way to respond. Of course, we don't expect it to shut Floyd up, but this does have to sting him a little, right?

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[via Black Sports Online]

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