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It's safe to assume that no one will forget when the Seattle Seahawks decided to run a quick slant instead of handing off the ball to Marshawn Lynch from one yard out in the most pivotal play of Super Bowl XLIX. Of course, with never forgetting comes other people taking shots at their expense.

Did you see when Joel McHale poked fun at the heartbreaking ordeal with Russell Wilson in the opening of this year's ESPYs? They're never going to be able to live that moment down. And if the Seahawks thought McHale's joke had cleared the air by now, the Twitter account of Madden reminded them of that tragic incident on Feb. 1. 

It started when the Hawks' Twitter account threw them an alley-oop questioned why Lynch didn't receive a 99 rating in trucking. 

@EAMaddenNFL knew what to do from there.  

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[via @EAMaddenNFL]