As the summer drags on and our collective American thirst for football grows stronger, vaguely sports-ish stories like these are what keep us going. 

Earlier today EA Sports announced the ratings for the top running backs in the NFL. To the surprise of few, the No. 1 spot belongs to Marshawn Lynch aka Beast Mode aka Yung Foamposite, who comes in with a rating of 96 Overall.

With a rating that high you'd think a team would love to hand him the ball with a Super Bowl win on the line. You know, if only to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on Mr. Nickelodeon Nae Nae Russell Wilson.

The rest of the list is as follows:

2. Adrian Peterson (95 OVR)
3. Jamaal Charles (94 OVR)
4. DeMarco Murray (94 OVR)
5. Le'Veon Bell (94 OVR)

Madden 16 hits stores August 25th.

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[via EA Sports]

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