The Patriots opened training camp on Thursday, and the fans who showed up couldn't have been more excited for things to get started.

Some wiseacre Jets fans tried to put a damper on things, by paying to fly a "Cheaters Look Up!" banner over the practice field to remind New England of Tom Brady's four-game suspension for his involvement in the Deflategate saga.

“The time has come for Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft to start dealing with reality. Sports fans are not stupid. We have seen this act before from disgraced former superstar athletes. People like Lance Armstrong and Ryan Braun who challenged the system after they got caught red handed. Ben Johnson, Marion Jones, A-Rod, Roger Clemens - the list of people who lied after they got caught cheating is sadly endless,” said the self-righteous Jason Koeppel, via

Despite the attempt at spoiling the festivities, the enthusiasm that Patriots fans showed -- especially when Brady first took the field -- simply couldn't be stopped. 

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