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All baseball players have a certain way that they approach the plate when they are at-bat. Some of them tap their bats against home plate, while others pull on their batting gloves and adjust, well, every single part of their uniforms. It's part of the reason baseball games take 16 hours (give or take a few minutes) to play.

No one has a pre-at-bat routine quite like the Japanese baseball player in the clip above, though. This kid has gone viral today because of the fact that he does a little bit of everything at the plate while he's getting ready for a pitch. From swinging his bat with one hand and twirling it around to hopping up and down to doing this:

He does it all. In fact, we'd argue that he's doing too much. Like, how can he possibly be focused on hitting the ball here?

We don't know, but we do know that it's fun to watch him. Even if the catcher and umpire have seen this kid's routine before, how are they NOT cracking up the entire time? See for yourself in the video.

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