Doesn't it feel like it's been a long time since Floyd Mayweather has talked trash about Manny Pacquiao? Granted, he doesn't have a fight to promote anymore, but he has really quieted down when it's come to trading shots with Manny. Or make that, he had quieted down.

Mayweather threw up an Instagram video early this morning that features him pretending a punching dummy is Pacquiao and talking trash to it. "So Manny," he says to it, "you out here telling people that I didn't win fair and square? That this little arm is messed up…Is that right?"

And after he finishes talking to it, the video takes a super dramatic turn with Floyd finishing things off by bitch slapping the dummy across the face.

Is this really happening again? Yup, it's really happening again. How do you think Pacquiao is going to respond?

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[via Busted Coverage]