Here's a viral video from a guy who seems to really, really, really be fed up with looking at overweight people, so much so that he posted a rant (with 2.6 million views on one page, and three million on another) indicating his beyond-obvious contempt. His name is John Burk, and he's a 31-year-old veteran/"fitness motivator" currently stationed at Georgia's Fort Stewart. Whether or not being told how "repulsive and disgusting" you are will motivate you is probably dependent on how you're wired, but his fitness-related tirade has certainly generated interest from people who both agree and disagree with him. It's a perfect internet lightning rod for two of the most frequent/obnoxious types of modern internet users: both those who want to be outraged, and those who want to publicly humble brag.

His Facebook page (which has certainly skyrocketed from the publicity generated by the above video) is filled with "right ons" from strangers in the latter category. And if you have a problem with his speech he's got a self-made (Zyzz inspired?) meme to troll you with:

[via Barstool Sports/YouTube/BuzzFeed]

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