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Ever since you were a tyke watching your first NBA game you've probably yearned to dunk. And even if you turned out short, guys like Spud Webb and Nate Robinson still provided you with hope that someday you too could rise above the rim. For some people it's a challenge that motivates them through leg day, for others (like the subject of this post, Five-star Duke freshman Brandon Ingram) it's as easy as backing a car out of an empty lot. While you were a teenager content with leaping to touch the tops of every doorway you entered, the 6'9" Ingram was blessed with the ability to touch freeway overpasses (not really, but not far off either). His feat caused three of his new teammates to drop their jaws (and another to look left while cupping his balls).

Good luck to the rest of the ACC this winter/spring.

[via YouTube]

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