The Nets made the playoffs last season, but just barely. And considering the outrageous amount of money that they've been spending on payroll in order to win seemingly at all costs, that wasn't nearly enough to keep the core pieces of the team together for even one more lackluster season.

It was finally time to move on from at least one of the high-priced players on the roster, and Deron Williams was the man who was chosen. He received a buyout of the final two years that remained on his deal, and ended up signing with the Mavericks in his hometown of Dallas. 

Not all of his Brooklyn teammates were sorry to see Williams go. A frigid relationship evidently existed between Williams and Joe Johnson, and according to NetsDaily, someone who would know believes that Johnson will thrive next season now that his moody teammate is gone.

It was no secret that Brooklyn's Backcourt didn't get along.  That famous Johnson tweet back in early November was believed to be about his relationship with Williams.

One insider, asked after the buyout if the Nets were still pursuing a Johnson trade, firmly said no. He volunteered there was probably no one more pumped about the buyout than Johnson.  "I am sure Joe will have a tremendous season," he added with a smile.

Johnson and Williams coexisted well together on the court, but personalities in the NBA are a funny thing. Players can clash for a variety of reasons, and all the talent in the world won't help a team win if the highly-important chemistry component isn't part of the equation. 

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