Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge scored the winner this weekend against Southampton, and without a doubt, he celebrated his team's first win of the English Premier League season by kicking back and vibing with his favorite tracks. The 24-year-old Sturridge, growing up in the early 2000s with College Dropout and 50 Cent, has a wide ranging taste for hip-hop, and a hunger to learn more and more about the genre. His opinions aren't whack either. Get into a debate with him over anything rap related, and his views are as articulate and knowledgeable as any other hip-hip head who spends their days trolling blogs and digging deep on Soundcloud

During a recent interview with Complex, Sturridge became engaged in a deep conversation about the state of hip-hop, and tangentially name dropped a few dozen artists who he's up on and seriously fucking with. He's got a little something to say on each of them as well. Check out who Sturridge is listening to after a day's work on the pitch in 25 of Daniel Sturridge's Favorite Rappers.

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