Conor McGregor spent the majority of his match against Chad Mendes at UFC 189 on his back. McGregor had no answer for Mendes' multiple takedown attempts and, for the most part, the fight featured Mendes bloodying McGregor with elbows to the face. But towards the end of the second round, McGregor managed to get back on his feet and, well, that was all she wrote.

As you can see in the clip above, Mendes was winded from trying to pummel McGregor on the mat. It resulted in him letting his guard down for just a second, and McGregor capitalized on it by scoring a knockout to win the interim UFC featherweight title.

McGregor's win sets up a matchup between him and José Aldo, which many MMA fans are already predicting could be the biggest match in UFC history (McGregor and Aldo were originally supposed to fight at UFC 189 before Aldo dropped out of the match with a rib injury). McGregor had some choice words for Aldo during his post-fight interview:

Stay tuned, because this is going to get interesting. This guy clearly deserves ALL the hype he's receiving.

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