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Sometimes in life, the only stupid question is the one that you do ask. Like, say, asking a professional fighter to knuckle up with you.

On Friday night at a UFC Q&A session in Chicago, CM Punk lived up to his moniker by verbally "punking" a fan who stepped up to the mic and asked the WWE superstar-turned-MMA fighter to fight him. "I want to know why you're scared to fight me?" the fan yelled.

He should have been more careful about what he wished for. Although CM Punk is still a UFC rookie, he responded to the challenge with a smug question of his own: "Are you a UFC fighter?" The fan then continued to instigate him with more slick talk and even questioned CM Punk's pedigree by referring to him as an "entertainer." But CM Punk refused to let him have the final word and ended the exchange by getting his Ari Gold on and yelling, "I'm on the stage, bitch! Get the fuck out!" while pointing towards the back of the arena.

Oh, and to cap off the experience, the event's soundman also cut off the guy's mic to force him to leave. Check out the entire exchange in the clip above.