When we heard that DeAndre Jordan was re-thinking his decision to sign with the Mavericks earlier today and considering making a return to the Clippers, we thought, "Hmmm…this could be interesting" We just didn't realize how interesting it would turn out to be.

At the moment, the Clippers and Mavericks are jockeying for position in the DJ sweepstakes, and it could very well determine the futures of their respective franchises. It's actually pretty serious stuff. But you might not know that judging by the reactions of their players who have taken to Twitter to try and settle the score with…emojis.

It all started shortly after the DJ news broke this afternoon when Chandler Parsons sent out this, insinuating that he was flying to recruit DJ to Dallas:

J.J. Redick responded with this, showing that he was just a car ride away:

Blake Griffin—who is on vacation—then took it up a notch with this:

Former Clippers star Corey Maggette went bananas by sending out this:

And then, Chris Paul literally sent a banana along with a boat (get it?) with this:

Weird, right? AND THEN IT GOT EVEN WEIRDER. Dad, er, Paul Pierce chimed in with this:

Clips assistant Mike Woodson went with this:

Other NBA players like Warriors forward Marreese Speights sent this:

The Cavaliers sent this:

The Warriors sent this:

And then the Browns put an end to it by ruining the moment with this:

Whew. All the while, DJ has been trying to make the hardest decision he's had to make since coming into the NBA. But once he makes it, is there any doubt how he's going to announce it?

Keep an eye on his Twitter account, guys...

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