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No matter where he goes, Andy Dalton can't escape his 0-4 record in the NFL playoffs, even when he's just trying to have some fun during a celebrity softball game.

Dalton, the starting quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, took part in the MLB Celebrity Softball Game ahead of the All-Star Game festivities on Sunday night at the Cincinnati Reds' Great American Ballpark. You know, in the city he plays football in. It mattered not. Dalton was consistently booed heartily by a contingency of fans who apparently haven't forgotten his inability to be a decent quarterback in the NFL's second season.

From CBS Sports' Dayn Perry:

"Dalton was booed at pregame intros and before his at bats," Dayn writes. "Some cheers mixed in but mostly boos."

Dalton jacked a home run to silence the haters, so take that, angry Bengals fans. Ginger Gawd, OUT!

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[Via CBS Sports]