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USWNT's Carli Lloyd had already knocked in two goals as the United States came out and absolutely shocked Japan early on in the FIFA Women's World Cup Finals, but her third goal, giving her a hat trick in the first half, was insane.

Noticing that Japan's goalie Ayumi Kaihori was off her line, Lloyd belted the ball from midfield at her. Kaihori, backpedaling with the sun directly in her face, slipped and managed to only skim the ball as it landed in the net behind her. The U.S. would go up 3-0 as Kaihori lay in the grass, defeated. 

Japan would salvage a goal of their own to make the score at halftime 4-1, but Lloyd's goal will go down in infamy if the U.S. holds on at wins the 2015 World Cup.

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