Do not tell Ohio State quarterback and reigning National Champion Cardale Jones to stick to sports. Not only will you end up on his "blocked list," but you'll also get put in your place in the process. 

Today, the Buckeyes signal-caller sent out a few tweets about the tragic death of Texas woman Sandra Bland, as well as the popular social justice movement #BlackLivesMatter. He was asking questions, expressing support, and amplifying Bland's cause: 

One of those questions was in response to the controversial hashtag #AllLivesMatter, a phrase that has become frustrating among activists because of its insistence upon directing the spotlight away from black victims of police brutality. Instead of recognizing the factor that race plays in these killings, many feel that #AllLivesMatter instead further exacerbates the erasure of black lives by failing to confront the very particular and unique circumstances related to violence against black people. Jones addressed the issue head on: 

However, one Buckeyes fan, Dan Gustafson, didn't take so kindly to Jones' socially-conscious stance: 

(1) Chill about Cardale "getting us fans another championship." First and foremost, it belongs to the team. (2) Cardale has something to say to you about you questioning his right to speak his mind: 

Are you done now, Dan? Twitter thinks it may be time for you to "log off."  

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