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Before he's even gotten a chance to coach his first preseason game for the Buffalo Bills, newly minted offensive line coach Aaron Kromer has found himself in a bit of trouble after a Saturday night incident with three kids who were fishing. Of course, like all suspects Kromer is innocent until proven guilty, but the charges alone aren't exactly going to endear him to his new employer. To make matters worse the incident was (allegedly) all over some dumb beach chairs. According to a press release from Walton Country Sheriff Michael A. Adkinson Jr.:

"On Saturday night deputies with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office responded to a residence on Winston lane at Inlet Beach in Walton County, Fla in reference to a battery.

"When they arrived deputies spoke to the caller and learned three boys had been fishing on the beach when the suspect, later identified as Buffalo Bills Offensive Line Coach Aaron Kromer, and the suspect’s son confronted them over the use of beach chairs left by a beach access.

"Victims told deputies Kromer grabbed their fishing pole and threw the pole into the water and then pushed one of the boys to the ground and punched him in the face. It was stated Kromer then told the boys to return the chairs to where they found them.

"The victim stated Kromer also told him if he reported him to the police he would kill his family."

Because Kromer's arrest occurred this morning, we still have no word on the potential punishment he will receive. However the Bills released a statement later on that said in part "We are aware of the report and in the process of gathering the facts." Meaning if you have any knowledge of offensive lines at all, there's no harm in updating your resume and sending it to Rex Ryan and Co.

[via Walton County Sheriff's Office]

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