Last night, Meek Mill finally (!) released his Drake diss song, "Wanna Know." You can listen to it here, if by some chance you still haven't gotten around to doing it.

The reaction to the song was…not good. While there were some people out there who were still trying their best to defend Meek after "Wanna Know" was released, Twitter as a whole was not impressed with it. And specifically, there were two athletes who ripped it to shreds after hearing it.

The first was Brandon Jennings. Now, for what it's worth, the Pistons point guard and Meek Mill's manager have traded shots on Twitter over the last week. So Meek probably would have had to release the best diss track in the hip-hop history to get Jennings to give him any props. But after hearing "Wanna Know," Jennings went in on the song. He has since scrubbed his opinion of it from both Twitter and Instagram, but Black Sports Online captured screengrabs of him reacting to the track. You can see what he thought on Twitter here:

He also added this on IG:

Harshhhhhhh. Believe it or not, though, Jennings' reaction was actually somewhat tame when you compare it to the reaction of one of his fellow pro athletes. After "Wanna Know" was released, Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell jumped on social media as well and provided a very frank response to the diss track. He started by calling it "trash":

And then, he suggested that Meek should have had Nicki Minaj write the diss track for him:

Ouch. There were some other athletes who responded to the song, too. For instance, Kevin Durant seemed to throw his support behind Drake by sending out this tweet:

And it got so crazy that, at one point, even Lolo Jones took a shot at Meek by sending this out:

But no athlete reacted to "Wanna Know" quite like Jennings or Bell. Which one of them do you think hated "Wanna Know" more, and do you agree with their assessments of the song?

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