As a kid growing up (odds are) at some point you collected baseball cards. Then as a teenager growing up (odds are) you realized how completely pointless this was. The rest of the world followed suit, they became worthless, and now you have a bunch of three-by-four inch cardboard portraits stuffed in several boxes in your attic. At this point you're left with two reasonable options:

1.) Throw them out.
2.) Draw dicks on them.

The brothers at Baseball Vandals went with the latter route. They're keeping the love of baseball sports cards alive by taking what were once precious childhood heirlooms, and defacing them until they look like your trapper keeper from middle school. Against all odds they've transformed stale pictures of forgettable players into entertaining (and often NSFW) works of art. We swear they're legitimately better this way. They're like memes you can hold in your hand, except they've scrapped Photoshop for a permanent marker. If Van Gogh were still alive there's no doubt this is what he'd be doing.

They're nowhere near mint condition, yet somehow they're still priceless. Here are the Best Pieces of Art This Year From Baseball Card Vandals:

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