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The prosecution really didn't want to fuck up the trail of Aaron Hernandez. It was so dead set on not doing so that it ended up blowing almost half a million on giving him that life sentence.

The Associated Press reported that prosecution spent $462,000 on convicting the disgraced tight end. Specifically, it spent $360,462.30 on overtime for state police and another $101,834.64 on travel, experts and other expenses. Was there a point that the prosecution hesitated and thought, "Whoa! we're pushing it with that extra 64 cents"?

Well, hopefully not because there's going to be more taxpayer money spent on Hernandez. His life sentence for the murder of Odin Lloyd gets an automatic appeal. He also still has to get tried for the two murder charges stemming from the deaths of two men after a nightclub encounter in 2012. Convicting tight ends of murder costs guap.

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