Born Terry Bollea but destined for greater things than a name like Terry could provide, Hulk Hogan swooped onto the national stage in the 1980s and replaced the idea that wrestling was a sport that combined endurance and technical skill with the idea that wrestling was about slamming a guy through a table after bribing the ref to allow it. You may argue that greater wrestlers have come and gone, but only a handful have even come close to his mainstream impact (The Rock comes to mind).

Since the glory days of the '80s, Hulk has re-invented himself while still managing to keep his trademark persona. He went from face to heel to WCW to Mr. America to the Hall of Fame before hitting up the reality TV circuit and finally settling down as a slightly incestuous dad. Along the way he faced many obstacles, from major back surgeries to his ex-wife running off with a 19-year-old classmate of her children (that's a lot of range). Such an interesting life deserves to get the "little known facts" treatment. Especially today, on the Hulkster's 61st birthday. If you already know all of these you're a true Hulkamaniac and should be proud (we guess). For the rest of you, here are 25 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Hulk Hogan.