After a tense couple of games, the Golden State Warriors' executives decided to take a quick vacation. They decided to chill at San Quentin Prison.

Well, they didn't chill. The execs spent the sunny day playing ball with San Quentin's basketball team. It wasn't The Longest Yard's basketball scene, but San Quentin takes its basketball pretty seriously, according to the Wall Street Journal's account.

the basketball itself was as serious as any in the Bay Area. Both teams played hard. There were inmates working as a timekeeper, statistician and scoreboard operator. Three were referees with duck whistles. A play-by-play announcer named Aaron Taylor called the action from across the outdoor court.

But the Golden State Warriors are so stacked that even the executives got game. A squad that included general manager Bob Myers and assistant coach Luke Walton (but no Steve Kerr) beat San Quentin, 85-79.

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[via Wall Street Journals]