If you're going to get yourself ejected from an MLB game, this is how you do it.

Twins outfielder Torii Hunter didn't agree with a strike call that was made by an umpire during Minnesota's game against the Royals last night. He let him know about it—and was promptly thrown out of the game. But Hunter refused to go quietly into the night. Instead, he argued with the umpire for a few more seconds, got himself really worked up, and then started chucking things on to the field before he left. From his batting gloves to his elbow protector to his jersey, which he took off during his temper tantrum, he threw it all on the field. And then, once all that was over, he walked off the field and hit the showers.

It definitely wasn't Hunter's finest moment. But it was, without a doubt, the most entertaining thing that happened during the Royals/Twins game last night—or during any MLB game for that matter. What a way to go out. *slow clap*

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