Shout out to all the dads out there—today is your day. And while this "holiday" may be overblown because it's always on a Sunday (a day you had off anyway), and you still have to walk your dog, and pay your bills, and smile through getting a shitty #1 Dad! mug that puts you in a million-way tie with all the other dads whose kids half-assed their gifts, at least you (probably) don't have a half-dozen children to cut child support checks for. That's a plus. Shoutout to you. 

Unfortunately, these athletes weren't so lucky. Their propensity to drop their drawers has led to a lifetime of obligations and some well-deserved ridicule. If your dad is laid-back and reflective, maybe you just stay in with him, buy a sports movie, chill out and eat wings. That's a combination you can't go wrong with. Unless of course you're one of these guys, and need a movie theater and full staff to do so. Here's The Most Prolific Fathers in Sports History:

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