Stephen Curry had been bananas on the basketball court all season, and through most of the playoffs, until the NBA Finals. He was slowed down early with a combination of the Cleveland Cavaliers defense denying him the ball and poor shooting. And though he dropped 20-plus points in both Game 3 and 4, he never really had one of those signature games where he absolutely explodes from deep. Yeah, he'd hit a ridiculous step-back shot here and there, but he wasn't able to string them together.

Until Game 5.

Curry went bonkers in the fourth quarter, turning a 80-79 defecit into a double-digit win. After LeBron James hit a super deep 3 to give the Cavs that one point lead, Curry put Matthew Dellavedova on a yo-yo before burying the above 3-pointer.

Later, he put together this ridiculous display of dribbling with some behind the back action on Delly before hitting another insane 3-pointer off the dribble.

And finally, the above 3 from freaking San Francisco sealed the deal.

Mamma Curry was getting it in, and Steph Curry finally had his signature moment.

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