Spencer Hawes is a big Dipset fan. We know this because, shortly after he was traded to the Cavaliers back in early 2014, a bunch of photos of Hawes wearing Dipset gear during his college years started popping up all over the Internet. We put together a collection of them here.

It doesn't look like his love for Cam'ron & Co. has faded, either. Earlier this week, Hawes—who plays for the Clippers now—took to Instagram to show off how he has put together a Dipset-themed guest bedroom in his house. It features a Diplomats pillow, a Purple Haze-inspired pillow, and a Dipset comforter.

We haven't been able to confirm that it's 100 percent real yet (FWIW, the @dipsetusa1997 IG account features quite a few photos of some of the items in Hawes' photo, though we haven't been able to find the exact photo he put up anywhere else). But Nick Young saw it, and he was definitely impressed. So impressed that he sent out a tweet about it late yesterday and referred to Hawes as a "G":

Oh, and as if the bedroom wasn't enough, Hawes also claims that he has extended the Dipset theme into his guest bathroom. According to another IG photo that he put up, it includes, well, just look:

If anyone else claimed they had this in their house, we'd call BS. But like we said, Hawes is a big Dipset supporter. And he's also the guy who did this:

And this:

So who are we to doubt him?

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