Frank Kaminsky's nickname is not "Franky Stanky." At least, we've never actually heard anyone call him that. But earlier today, someone who works in the U.S. Congress—or apparently, someone who pretends to work in the U.S. Congress—took it upon him or herself to edit Kaminsky's Wikipedia to include that nickname.

The @congressedits Twitter account was the first to catch it:

And upon further review, it does appear as though a change was made to Kaminsky's page today:

We don't know why anyone would go out of their way to do this, especially when you consider that: A) Whoever did it probably should have been doing something way more important at the time, and B) The change was so minor that there's a good chance that no one would have caught it if the @congressedits account didn't exist. But whatever. It's still pretty hilarious—and it may have just earned Stank, er, Frank Kaminsky a new nickname.

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[via @congressedits]