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LeBron James missed a shot that would have given the Cavaliers a Game 1 victory in the NBA Finals last night. The Warriors then came back in OT and stole the game. But that wasn't the only thing that was stolen last night. Prior to the game, there was also $40,000 worth of equipment taken from a van parked in Oakland.

According to reports, three men who work for NBA Entertainment went inside a Panda Express near Oracle Arena at about 2 p.m. yesterday. They came back outside 20 minutes later and found one of the van's windows smashed and at least five laptops, camera equipment, cell phones, and personal belongings missing.

Apparently, the shopping center where the van was parked is known for car burglaries, and the police plan to increase their presence in that area with the NBA Finals in town. But that's not going to do much good for the NBA, which is now out 40 stacks because of what happened last night.

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