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Ronda Rousey has spoken about her love life and about having boyfriends in the past. Just recently, she admitted that she agreed to pose for ESPN The Magazine's "Body Issue" a few years ago after one of her ex-boyfriends took nude photos of her without her consent. But Rousey is apparently still asked about her sexuality quite often.

So in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, which features Rousey on the cover, she emphatically states that she is not a lesbian. She even goes as far as to try and prove it by talking about her profession as a UFC fighter.

"It's funny when people think that because I'm a female athlete that I must be a lesbian," she joked. "I'm like, 'No, I love men so much that I beat the fuck out of girls for a living just to take them all out!'"

Rousey also talked to Rolling Stone about why she's single at the moment as well.

"The kind of guys I'm into have lots of desirable women willing to do backflips for them," she said, "and I mean, if you can look like a man standing next to me, then you're a real fucking man—but I'm just not doing any backflips."

You can check out the entire Rolling Stone piece here.

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