Rob Gronkowski's post-Super Bowl victory lap is almost over. For the last four months or so, the Patriots tight end has seemingly hit every bar and club in the good old US of A in search of the finest women and cheapest drinks this country has to offer. And while he's going to be stepping off the scene soon to resume playing football, it's clear that he's going to make the most of the free time he has left.

On Saturday night, he celebrated at a place called The Warehouse Bar & Grille in Savannah, Ga. It boasts "the coldest cheapest beer in town." And it looks like Gronk may—may!—have had a little bit of it. Just check out the Vine above, which features him freestyling and rapping about a bunch of nonsense (did he really say something about "chicks as hot as crocodiles"?) before someone interrupts him and forces him to stop:

It was probably for the best, Gronk. You managed to make Shia LaBeouf look like Slim Shady.

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[via Black Sports Online]