First, he lost Kevin Love. Then he lost Kyrie Irving. Without two-thirds of his new Big 3, LeBron James has been forced to take on the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals with a starting lineup that is reminiscent of the last squad he took to the final round in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform. It is strangely poetic, and a friendly reminder of the mediocrity that LeBron was surrounded by during his first seven years in Cleveland.

It wasn't all bad in those days. Mo Williams and Zydrunas Ilgauskas made All-Star games. Delonte West played the best basketball of his career in Cleveland. Everyone thought J.J. Hickson was going to be a superstar. But there was a lot of trash in those days, too (anyone remember Ira Newble? Anyone? Bueller?). So, as the Cavs continue to contend for their first-ever NBA championship, we decided to rank every single player LeBron ever played with while wearing a Cavaliers uniform to figure out who was good, who was bad, and who should have never appeared on the same court as "The Chosen One."

This is Every Teammate LeBron James Has Ever Played With on the Cleveland Cavaliers, Ranked.