Remember when Phil Jackson was synonymous with hope when he became the Knicks' president of basketball operations last year? Well, hope is fragile. 

It wasn't just that New York was talentless for the majority of last season. The vaunted triangle offense just wasn't working. You'd think the main priority is to get some skilled players over to New York during the offseason. But nah, Jackson wants to do otherwise. He told the New York Times that if you can't fit into the triangle system, then you don't belong on his team.

I don’t think the offensive system has to take a back seat to anything we do...Players who are resistant to it shouldn’t be here.

“We’re not interested in guys who are just interested in the money and in their branding. They have to have a little more to their life than just those selfish desires.

With that mindset, things probably aren't going to get that much better for a while. I don't know, man. Here's the 1994 Knicks theme song to cheer you up, Knicks fans.

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[via New York Times]