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It's been almost seven years now since Oscar De La Hoya stepped out of the boxing ring for the last time. During his final fight, way back in December 2008, he lost by TKO to Manny Pacquiao. And ever since then, he's been more focused on promoting boxers than he has been on fighting them.

But that might change soon. Yesterday, De La Hoya did an interview on Power 106's "The Cruz Show" and revealed that he might make a comeback sometime soon. He didn't definitively say that he's going to box again, but he did say that he's in good shape and that he misses the sport of boxing. And in doing so, he also seemed to take a subtle shot at Floyd Mayweather, who beat De La Hoya back in May 2007.

"If I did make a comeback," he said, "I would fight the best, whoever that is…but I would want to fight someone that's gonna fight me back."

Everyone laughed and, while De La Hoya didn't mention Mayweather by name, it definitely seemed like he was referencing him. Think he's still mad about this?

Stay tuned to see if De La Hoya follows through on his plan to make a comeback.

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