In a perfect world, NBA basketball would be game of mild-mannered men playing for the love of sport. Instead of championships and bragging rights, the only things on the line would be fish & chips and a few hundred shillings at most. However, shillings, while novel, aren't an acceptable form of U.S. currency. Plus, men have egos. So trash-talking exists.

People love to push the best basketball players ever as these bastions of the value of work ethic and perseverance—that's more marketable to kids. That's almost never the case. A majority of them aren't just verbally abusive; for people who're paid to win games, they're surprisingly creative with the slanderous arts. They're effective, too. Just ask Muggsy Bogues.

The worst part is that there's not too many retorts. The greatest talk shit and back it up—that's why they're the greatest. Below is a list of trash-talking quotes from the greatest. But here's the twist: Who said what?