Yesterday, Major League Baseball held it's 50th amateur draft, with Arizona kicking things off by selecting a highly-touted shortstop prospect out of Vanderbilt. Of course—you already know this. I mean he not only was he the No. 1 overall selection in the nation's second-richest sport YESTERDAY, but he earned Most Outstanding Player honors when his team won the College World Series last year. You know his name, right?

We're guessing you don't.

Baseball may not be as popular with us Millennials as it once was, but it surely isn't for a lack of any weird young American names. For every "DeSean" that enters the NFL, it seems like there's an "Asher" getting drafted into the big leagues.

So, to have some fun with the names and our readers' general ignorance of baseball, we made a quick quiz. Below we've got pictures of 20 of yesterday's draftees with two names under each. One is their real name, the other was made up by us. How many can you name?

You've got a 50/50 shot. Should be easy, right?