Mike Miller has played sparingly for the Cleveland Cavaliers this season. He joined James Jones in flocking North with LeBron James when the native son headed back to Cleveland this offseason, but his skills and athleticism, which have been slowly deteriorating in the past few seasons, have kept him out of David Blatt's rotation.

Throughout the playoffs, Miller has been rocking LeBron's warm-up t-shirt over his jersey, even wearing it on the bench during games. No one is exactly sure why. Perhaps he's doing it to support his BFF. Perhaps he's doing it in an attempt to steal some of LeBron's powers, a la "Space Jam." You can't exactly roll with the slogan "Let it Fly" when you haven't hit a shot in months. Maybe he just lost his warm up shirt in the wash and was too afraid to tell anyone. 

Whatever the reason, it might have worked. Miller went all out to to dive on the ground for a loose ball toward the end of the second quarter of Game 3 of the NBA Finals, a spurt of athleticism we haven't seen from the shooting guard all season long.

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