Is Major League Baseball ready for its first female player?

She's still a huge longshot to actually make it to the major leagues, but on Sunday, 16-year-old shortstop Melissa Mayeux from France made history when she became the first female player ever added to MLB's international registration list. What that means is that, as of July 2, Mayeux will be eligible to be signed by any MLB team. It also means that, in the eyes of many, Mayeux is a legitimate MLB prospect, even though she's still incredibly young and probably will end up having to play in college before she gets any real big league consideration.

Mayeux, who currently plays in the French U-18 junior national team, doesn't speak much English. But after finding out about her inclusion on the list, she revealed that she's not even thinking about playing in MLB yet.

"I would like very much to continue playing baseball in France until I'm 18 years old," she said, "and then have the ability to leave for university or another opportunity abroad. I'd like to stay in baseball as long as possible."

Check out the clip above to hear Mayeux talk about her baseball career—and make sure you remember her name.

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