On Friday, Alex Rodriguez became the 29th player in MLB history reach the 3,000-hit mark. In the first inning of last night's game against the Detroit Tigers, Rodriguez went yard off of Justin Verlander in the first inning, hitting it over the right-center field wall and into the hands of Zach Hample. New York Yankees personnel made their way over to Hample in order to authenticate the ball and work on a swap for this piece of history. 

Eventually, Hample returned to his seat and the ball was still in his possession. 

According to Newsday's Mike Gavin, Hample refused offers from the Yankees for the 3,000th hit ball. 

It appears that Hample's resistance has to do with A-Rod's past. Or, he is seeking financial compensation for the ball.

So, what does Rodriguez think about getting snubbed? 

Oh, and speaking of Jeets...

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