It may not seem like it, but the college football season is right around the corner. Today, to get into the spirit of things, LSU had four players (including last year's starting quarterback Anthony Jennings, pictured above) arrested in the span of a couple of hours.

The first arrest to take place came after redshirt freshman defensive tackle Trey Lealaimatafao allegedly was at the scene of a bar fight and rifled through the pockets of a man who had been knocked out. When said knocked out man's girlfriend tried to keep his pockets as full as they were when he was still conscious, Lela...Lealamia...---we'll just call him Trey--balled his hand into a fist and struck her. In his single year on campus Trey has had three "off-the-filed incidents" resulting in two arrests. His alleged actions now have gotten him an indefinite suspension from the team. As a redshirt he obviously didn't play (due to disciplinary problems), but he was a solid three-star recruit with tons of good ass offers. Last summer he had reportedly gotten in trouble for busting a window in the team's weight room (not a crime, but still a dick move) and then days after leaving the hospital he stole someone's bike (which is a crime and also a dick move).

The second arrest, which occured less than two hours later, resulted in three times as many players from the program in handcuffs, and was the product of an "unauthorized entry and simple burglary." The two players arrested for "unauthorized entry of a dwelling" were quarterback Anthony Jennings (who had almost 2,000 total yards last season) as well as defensive lineman Maquedius Bain (a freshman who rarely played). The man who was charged with "simple burglary" on top of "unauthorized entry" was defensive back Dwayne Thomas (a solid junior DB who suffered a knee injury that cut his sophomore season short).

Those three men are in trouble for a bad decision that went down on Sunday. They and three other non-football players went into someone's apartment to steal back items that were already allegedly stolen from Jennings. Those items included three pairs of shoes, a laptop, and a PS4.

Jennings obviously goes down as the highest profile of the four men arrested. After all he was the QB last year, and was in competition for the 2015 job with sophomore Brandon Harris.

Odds are his actions this week did nothing to boost his chances of starting the season under center.

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