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Is LeBron James having his best NBA season ever? That's something that people have been debating this week in light of some comments that LeBron himself made earlier this week. But one thing that's most definitely not up for debate right now is that LeBron's son LeBron James Jr. is having the best season of his young life. We've already seen two videos of him killing the competition this year (see here and here), and now we've got another one from a tournament down in Dallas. And it's still hard to believe that this kid is only 10 years old.

Watch LBJ Jr. drop a bunch of dimes and lead his team to a 'chip in the clip above. And make sure you watch all the way until the end. His team celebrates their win by doing an impression of this:

Sorry, LeBron. But all those college coaches aren't going to stop calling anytime soon.

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