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Do you remember the play in the video above? Probably not. It took place all the way back in December 2012 during a random Warriors/Heat game, and while it featured a nice play by LeBron James, it definitely wasn't any nicer than all of the other plays that LeBron routinely makes.

Draymond Green remembers it well, though. It was his rookie season and, during that game, he exchanged some trash talk with LeBron. He also remembers LeBron saying something to the effect of "You're too small!" after that particular play. He recently told reporters that he's used it as motivation ever since .

But LeBron wants everyone to know that he didn't start the trash talking that day. He was asked about it yesterday and revealed that Green was the one who trash talked him, which is why he doesn't necessarily think Green should be using it as motivation. If anything, it's more like a lesson for Green—and anyone else who tries to trash talk the King.

"He started the trash talking first in that game," LeBron told reporters. "I'm not much of a trash talker, but he started it first his rookie year. So don't let him try to start up a story on why he's motivated because I said something. He started it, and I finished it."

LeBron is right; he's not much of a trash talker. But he just engaged in some pretty impressive trash talk with that quote, didn't he? Very well played.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]