Even though NBA players make millions of dollars every year, they still enjoy when they get things for free. LeBron James understands this. So prior to Game 1 of the 2015 NBA Finals, he rented out a lounge at a San Francisco hotel, invited all of his Cavaliers teammate to come there, and then showered them with free gifts in order to try and get them prepared for the team's matchup with the Warriors. There was free food, free haircuts, and maybe most importantly, free Apple Watches.

In addition to the free gifts, LeBron also reportedly gave his teammates some free advice. He talked about facing adversity in the Finals and sticking together as a team and…ZZZZZZZ. We're sure it was an excellent pep talk, and we're sure J.R. Smith pretended to pay attention during it. But in the end, the gifts were what everyone was really talking about after the party was over.

"LeBron is probably the greatest player in the world who gives out gifts like it's candy," Cavaliers little, er, never used center Brendan Haywood told Cleveland.com. "We look forward to it every single time."

"Probably" the greatest player in the world, B? GIVE BACK YOUR APPLE WATCH NOW.

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