Game 4 was a game to forget for Cleveland. Not only did the Warriors wear them out; LeBron James busted his head open when he hit his head on a camera. James played on, but he was left with a nasty flesh part on his head.

(VIDEO) LeBron James 20pts, 12rebs, 8asts & 1 nasty cut on the head in GM4:

— (@Ballislife) June 12, 2015

Another Game 4 will certainly not do, and neither will having those cameras so close to the court. James and NBPA executive director Michele Roberts are looking into moving cameras further away from the sideline when they discuss the issue with the league this summer.

It's in the players' best interest, but the cameramen shouldn't lose out too much. It's 2015. They should be fine with having to zoom in a little more with their lenses.

"Frankly for both the safety of the players and the camera men and women, we need to find a better solution," Roberts said.

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