Kobe Bryant did an interview with Jemele Hill for the BET "Genius Talks" and a bunch of interesting quotes made their way out of it. Here are the best, as relayed by a man who covers the Lakers for a living, ESPN writer Baxter Holmes. We'll start with a great (though completely unsurprising) quote:

Feel free to guess who because he didn't elaborate:

Another tidbit that didn't exactly shock us:

He also revealed the first date he and his wife went on. Take notes fellas:

He gave his way too competitive take on friendship:

He corrected the record that this upcoming season will definitely be his last:

And addressed that tweet that Lakers first rounder Larry Nance Jr. sent out that appeared destined to make the first practice more awkward than Urkel:

Finally he gave himself a label that's open to interpretation, it probably means he's a grumpy veteran:

But then again, who the hell knows?

[via @BaxterHolmes]