You'd think winning an NBA title would move you up the ladder in life, but just a little more than a week after that became Klay Thompson's reality he's apparently waiting outside the club like a nobody, you know, like you and me. That's at least according to a Redditor who wrote the impossible to mistake: "Klay Thompson tried to get into a club in LA last night, the bouncer told him to go wait in line." (Note: a later Redditor used Google street view to guess that he was probably trying to get into Blue Moon Hookah).

Damn, we know his final performance of the year wasn't his finest (five points, six fouls):

...but doesn't being an All-Star on the NBA champs mean anything anymore? How about dropping 37 in a quarter? What's that worth? That was just five months ago. For crying out loud, the shelf life on these accomplishments can't be this brief.

Then again, maybe it's just an L.A. thing, since this didn't seem to be happening a week ago in Vegas. Or (much most likely) the bouncer just wasn't an NBA fan, as the initial poster eventually clarified:

"The bouncer didn't recognize him and told him to get in line like everyone else, the owner came out a couple minutes later apologizing and let him in right away."

Understandable mistake. After all it's Los Angeles. We can't imagine how many people in that town must pull this move on a weekly basis.

[via Reddit Sports]

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