During a press conference on Tuesday, Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie went in on his teammate Dee Milliner during a playful interview that he conducted in front of reporters. Cro was clearly just kidding around with Milliner, but he grabbed a microphone and asked him, "Do you feel confident going into the season? There's a lot of talk saying you're on the roster bubble, you're here to make the team. Do you feel and have the confidence that you…can do the things you're supposed to do?"

Milliner seemed to be taken aback by the question, but he played along with Cromartie and answered it. The two then moved on and fielded questions from actual reporters. But for whatever reason, Cromartie's line of questioning didn't sit well with former Jets player Kellen Winslow Jr., who inexplicably took to Twitter today and let off a series of shots at Cromartie. He criticized Cromartie's skills on the field and said that he's not the kind of guy he portrays himself to be:

And just like that, a Twitter beef was born. Cromartie got wind of the tweets and decided to send Winslow Jr. a tweet of his own, and he didn't pull any punches when he sent it. He went straight for the jugular by saying Winslow Jr. was never as good as his dad and by alluding to the fact that Winslow Jr. once got arrested in a Target parking lot for, well, you remember, right?

And that seems to have set Winslow Jr. off. He responded to Cromartie's tweet by challenging him to a fight:

So far, Cromartie hasn't responded to him. But this certainly escalated quickly, didn't it?! And it's all over…what exactly? Maybe there's a back story here that we don't know about, but we hope this beef ends soon.

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