According to reports coming out of New Orleans, Saints linebacker Junior Galette suffered a torn pectoral muscle recently and may miss the entire 2015-16 NFL season because of it. He's reportedly thinking about whether or not he wants to undergo surgery right now. At least, that's what we've been led to believe.

But according to Galette himself—or someone who looks an awful lot like him—he didn't suffer a torn pec. And he's also not real happy with his team or his head coach Sean Payton. Yesterday, Galette posted a photo on Instagram that showed him hanging out with a few of his friends:

And a short time later, the video below popped up on YouTube. The video quality sucks and looks like it was taken with the first cell phone camera ever. But it appears to show Galette and his friends addressing his torn pec and, during the video, someone (Galette?) also yells, "Fuck Sean," which seems to be a shot at Sean Payton.

"Niggas talking about a pec injury," the man who looks like Galette says. "My neck hurt from wearing this chain. Sixty [thousand dollars] or better. Sixty guaranteed."

Galette responded to the video by posting a photo of his young son on the toilet on Instagram this morning (WTF?) along with a message that seems to address his latest controversy.

"Amazing What People Will Do To Bring you down," his caption says. "It's Sad, you'd think they want to see u doing good but it's not like that at The Top. It Gets Ugly. Spread Love And Kill Hate."

The Saints haven't commented publicly yet—on the injury or the video. Stay tuned to see what they have to say about all of this.

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